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Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan’s retirement announcement

Sunday January 8, 2023

An announcement that makes formal what has been informal up until now.

I have written to the bishop and informed the wardens that my last Sunday at St. Paul’s will be Sunday May 28th. Beth and I have taken the opportunity to pray and discern and feel this is a good time for us to move on in the next chapter of our lives. Following my months’ vacation, I will begin my retirement at the end of June.

Four things I want to share with you as I make this announcement …

First … we still have 5 months together … in that time we will observe a holy Lent and celebrate the joy of Easter … as well, there is still work for us to do and ministries we can attend to … I remain committed to St. Paul’s and to being your priest and pastor and will do so until my last day with you.

Second … if you don’t hear anything else … and internalize it … and believe it to be true … St. Paul’s is an amazing parish … with a lot of spirit … and a real concern for each other … and from my perspective a real love and concern for your clergy who are serving here … I have valued that more than you know and have received as much blessing from you as I hope you have received from me

Third … I know from conversations with some of you already that there is a natural feeling of grief that our time together will come to an end. I want to honour that in what you feel. But I also want you to look further into the future and know that there is someone waiting to come here as your next parish priest even though at this moment you don’t know who that person is. God does know and God will attend to what you need and are looking for in a priest, of that I am certain. And that person will equally bring gifts, talents and abilities which will help you further grow the ministry of this place. And I know you will welcome them as you welcomed me; and you will work with them as you have worked with me; and God will continue to do amazing things here at St. Paul’s.

Finally … know enough of the theory of change in church … recognize that transition begins to happen the moment an announcement has been made … there will be things for the wardens to attend to … and eventually in due course conversations with the bishop about what is next. But in the meantime … let’s continue in the ministry we have been engaged in for the past 5 ½ years … let’s continue to build upon all we’ve already done … and grow the legacy of our ministry together.

Let us pray …

Blessed are you, O God, for you have created the world in which we live and have encouraged us to build relationships with one another. We thank you for the gift of this community, for those who in the past built it into what it is today, and for the Spirit that is very much alive in who we are and all we do. We praise you for the care you have shown to those who have trusted you in ages past, who journeyed in faith into unknown futures. We trust ourselves to you and your care as we enter into this time of transition. May our hearts remain filled with your love and grace, and in the work we still have to do together, may others witness in us the face of Christ. May you continue to bless us that we may be a blessing. Guide us that we may continue to grow in grace, in Spirit, and in truth; and faithfully serve you now and each day into the future. We pray all of this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Posted on: January 8th, 2023

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