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As per the provincial protocols at this time, in person worship at St. Paul’s has been paused. We will post links to online worship services you can enter into for Christmas and Sunday mornings to come.

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Online Worship from St. Paul’s Anglican

Friday, January 1st

As we have moved into lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are complying with the protocols and restrictions of the Province of Ontario and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. As such we have paused our in person worship for the foreseeable future until the restrictions are removed.

We will provide an online worship service on our YouTube channel including prayers, scripture readings, a sermon and a hymn and other musical pieces. Our prayer is that you will find these opportunities engaging and an opportunity to remain connected with each other as the body of Christ and to God who offers us peace, comfort and healing especially during such a time as this.

Here is the link … St. Paul’s Anglican YouTube Channel

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Join Us This Sunday