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St. Paul’s is opening for public worship … Sunday Sept. 13

Sunday worship at 10 am, safe and physically distanced. The Sunday worship will be live streamed and available by video on our You Tube Channel.

Wednesday Communion at 10 am, safe and physically distanced.

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Open for Public Worship … what to expect during Covid 19

We are offering two opportunities each week for in person worship at St. Pauls … Sunday at 10 am and Wednesday Communion at 10 am. Following the protocols of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, those attending will be safe and appropriately physically distanced.

The Sunday service will be live streamed on our You Tube channel for those who do not feel comfortable gathering in person. The video will be posted as well if Sunday at 10 am is not a convenient time for you to enter the liturgy. A link will be posted here and will be sent out weekly by email.

At this time, communion will not be offered as part of the Sunday morning worship. We are planning to re-introduce communion on Thanksgiving Sunday, Oct 11. There will be a celebration of Communion on Wednesdays at 10 am.

What to expect when I come to church on Sunday’s …

What to expect when I come to church for Wednesday Communion …

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Join Us This Sunday