Join Us This Sunday

St. Paul’s is opening for public worship … Sunday Sept. 13

Sunday worship at 10 am, safe and physically distanced. The Sunday worship will be live streamed and available by video on our You Tube Channel.

Wednesday Communion at 10 am, safe and physically distanced.

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Sept 6 Online Worship in partnership with Trinity United … Labor Day

Speaker: The Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan & the Rev. Karen Hammond Croxall

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Join in our worship for this Sunday in partnership with Trinity United Church. We spiritually celebrate and give thanks for labor day from the perspective of our faith.

If you’re able to, join in worship at 1030 am on Sunday so that although physically distanced we can be the corporate body of Christ. If that’s not a time that works for you, please engage in the liturgy when it is convenient for your.

Please pass this link on to others who might find it helpful especially during this time of Covid 19.

A reminder that next Sunday, Sept 13 we will open our church doors for corporate worship at 10 am. For those who don’t feel comfortable gathering in public, the service will be live streamed at 10 am and will be available in a video on our you tube channel if that is not a convenient time for you.

St Paul's Anglican CHurch

Join Us This Sunday