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Each Sunday we celebrate Communion together at 10:30 am with music, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon and prayers. Although masks are optional, we strongly encourage those worshiping to wear a mask for their own protection and the protection of others. We look forward to welcoming you to St. Paul’s.

MLK’s Dream

On August 28, it will be 60 years since Martin Luther King Jr. led the march on Washington and made his iconic speech that is still remembered and quoted today. On April 4, it will be 55 years since Martin Luther King was shot. An icon in the civil rights movement, he still has a message that is relevant today and a prophetic witness that we are called to live ourselves as followers of Jesus. Monday of this past week was Martin Luther King Jr. day, marking the date of his birth. It is important that we remember him, continuing to tell his story, his faithfulness as a disciple of Christ and live further into the dream he prayed one day would be a realty.

I’m currently reading the last book in Ken Follett’s century trilogy. I’ve reached the part of the 20th century when I had been born with events that I was too young to remember. One of those was the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. I was almost six years old and so naturally as a relatively young child, I don’t have any recollection of that significant event. And I can’t say that I really learned much about it in school either. Yet, over the years of my life I’ve learned more about who he was and how relevant his prophetic witness is even in out our time in this 21st century. Read More.

Posted on: January 18th, 2023

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