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St. Paul’s is opening for public worship … Sunday Sept. 13

Sunday worship at 10 am, safe and physically distanced. The Sunday worship will be live streamed and available by video on our You Tube Channel.

Wednesday Communion at 10 am, safe and physically distanced.

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Online worship from St. Paul’s …

Monday, October 26th

Starting Sunday Sept 13, we will be live streaming our worship from St. Paul’s at 10 am. Here is the link …

Sunday morning live stream

If you are looking to enter the worship at a more convenient time than Sunday morning, here is the link to our YouTube channel. The Sunday morning video will be posted after the service has finished. Be sure to look under the “live” tab where you will find the location of the video.

St. Paul’s YouTube Channel

“Zoom” Covid 19 Christmas Series

Wednesday, November 25th

There is no doubt that Christmas will be different this year. This zoom series will offer the opportunity to reflect on how the restrictions and protocols that are in place will affect how you celebrate this holy season and feel the joy of the Christmas message.

In partnership with Trinity United, The Rev. Karen Hammond Croxall and The Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan will facilitate two evenings through zoom reflecting on how we celebrate Christmas in the midst of Covid 19. Using scripture as our guide, we will reflect on these and other related questions …

  • what are we celebrating at Christmas? Why is Christmas important and significant for us?
  • what traditions and rituals of Christmas are important to us?
  • what traditions and rituals of Christmas will be compromised this year? What constraints will there be on our celebrations of Christmas
    this year?
  • How does that make us feel?
  • What is the central message of the Incarnation? Why do we need to hear it and internalize it more this year than in the past?
  • Given that things are different this year, what are the opportunities that present themselves?
  • How can we re invent new rituals and traditions given the constraints, protocols and restrictions we live with?
  • what are some tangible ways to keep feeling joy in the midst of this depressing time? To be a light in the darkness? To bring peace in  the midst of stress and distress? To bring hope in the midst of despair?

To register and receive the zoom link, please contact either The Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan through email at or The Rev. Karen Hammond Croxall through email at You can also leave a phone message at St. Paul’s (905) 852-7016 or Trinity (905) 852-6213.

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Join Us This Sunday