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Each Sunday we celebrate Communion together at 10:30 am with music, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon and prayers. Although masks are optional, we strongly encourage those worshiping to wear a mask for their own protection and the protection of others. We look forward to welcoming you to St. Paul’s.

Covid 19 … what blessings have you received?

There have been many hardships and stresses over these past days as we come to grips with the reality of Covid 19 and what it means to be socially isolated. There are anxieties as we are pushed to live our lives differently and without the supports of family, friends and our church community that often help us along the journey. It’s easy and human nature to focus on all that overwhelms us and disrupts what we know as “normal” day to day living.

Undoubtedly we have all experienced moments of joy and glimpses of blessing over these days too. Let’s share with each other what some of those have been. As we do that, we inspire each other to look beyond the difficulties of these days and this experience and see the holy and sacred presence of God who is always present with us inviting us deeper into that holy and sacred relationship He wants to have with us.

Here are a few of my blessings …

How have you been blessed these days?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2020

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  1. Nellie and John says:

    Some of my/our blessings are:
    Family is keeping in closer touch with one another through all forms of media. I must admit, the video phone calls are my favourite.

    Taking the time to watch the wonder of God in the nature outside our windows. The robins are building new nests, the flowers are sprouting up, the buds are starting to form on the branches. New life is slowly erupting in the midst of all the doom and gloom.

    Spring cleaning has begun early and with more verve. Rooms are painted (including closets), wardrobes are being replaced from fall and winter colours to the brighter colours of Spring and Summer. I look at that as a sign of sunny days ahead, in both it’s meanings.

    I may be using the wrong words here, I don’t mean to say this is the Lord’s fault, but I think, in a way, he’s letting us see that our lives can be lived with so much less of what we deem important. He’s bringing togetherness back to families. And, like Mark said, through technology, we’re reaffirming that God is with us, no mater where we are, what we’re doing. That we can be together as a church community even though we can’t BE together.

    God bless us everyone.

    • stpauls says:

      Thank you Nellie for your thoughts. So many blessings in our lives and sometimes we just need to take the opportunity to see them.

      I agree that God hasn’t caused this upon us … but God is using this to help us learn something about ourselves and about our relationship with Him.

      Blessings to you!!

      • Gail Browne says:

        Nellie, I think you’ve said it beautifully. Perhaps the biggest blessing I am receiving is time… time to think about what’s important… time to really appreciate the blessings I’ve received… and time to think about where we go from here.

  2. Derek Freemantle says:

    Just a thought could the Church bell be rung on Sundays just prior to 10-30am,it might some how connect us.I have fond memories of hearing the Church bells ringing on a Sunday morning .It would be great if all the Churchs with bells could ring in Uxbridge.

  3. Barbara Taggart says:

    In addition to the blessings stated by Nellie and Mark, I believe that as a result of this time of pausing for praying and reflection we may find we will do things differently and maybe better in the future.God is using this as a means for us to reflect as to how we might use our time in more appropriate ways.

    • stpauls says:

      So true Barb. There is a lot to be learned and this is a time to humbly be in the space to learn faithfully.

  4. Gail Browne says:

    I’m hoping that, at the end of the Covid-19 crisis, we will appreciate the beauty around us more, and be less materialistic. The relationships we have with our family, friends and our community are so much more important than the amount of “stuff” we accumulate. I hope that we will spend more time with the people we love and do more to make our community a place where everyone is valued.

    • stpauls says:

      Thanks Gail … I think God is encouraging us in this time to re-evaluate our priorities and what’s most important to us … kind of like cleaning out our spiritual closet to make ready for all we are learning that we can continue long after this is over.

  5. Peggy Nicolle says:

    I go for solitary walks and it reminds me of that 24+hours of no hydro when the lights went out in August so many years ago. The quiet was deafening then, as it is now. But also relaxing and pleasant. I wave to people i don’t know, I’m getting exercise and fresh air., and watching for more signs of spring pushing forth through the defrosting earth.
    Thanks so much Mark for those wonderful hymns you sang a cappella for today’s “reaching out”. I always enjoy your musings.
    As much as the older generation hates the “tech” world, without it today we cannot be in touch with, and see, family, friends as easily. We have so much to be thankful for.

    • stpauls says:

      Thanks Peggy. It was a joy to record them. I am amazed how many of our seniors are already hooked into technology. But let’s also remember those who aren’t. And if you know who they are, give them a call so they too can remain connected.

      • Gail Browne says:

        I remember that year, Peggy! We were on vacation in Nova Scotia and it was over before we arrived home.

  6. Gretel says:

    First of all, the ‘Musings’ and all the postings from St. Paul’s; it’s hellping me to feel connected to my roots.
    On another level; we have a pair of Mallard who have been spending their summers in our pond for the past 3 years; one day this week I went out to feed the ‘house birds’; they were at the pond, saw me and came waddling as fast as they could to partake of breakfast on our patio.
    And another thought; so wonderful to hear a priest who can SING!
    Blessings to all my St. Paul’s friends–g

  7. Gail Browne says:

    Hi Gretel! Great to hear from you. Please let us know if the mallards make a nest.

    I agree that it’s great to have a priest who can sing.

  8. Derek Freemantle says:

    I like many of you have been walking a lot and so has Joy all as part of my Cardio recovery program its lovely to see all the people walking dogs and most people greet one another the dogs still want to play,we are also having many laughs watching the birds,squirrels and now chipmuncks in the backyard I wonder what they are making of all our goings on.Its all so good to see the bulbs pokimg out perrenials showing life God has not forgotten he is out there watching us making us smile and laugh,I don’t know when I have ever felt so blessed to be alive with family and friends in support

  9. Margery Cowley says:

    I feel as though I am living an oxymoron. ‘I am alone, yet surrounded by people.’ For once I embrace technology. Last Sunday I was out raking leaves off the garden and lo and behold, there were tulips poking through and masses of spikey leaves, which, by the end of the afternoon had
    blossomed into those tiny, purple iris-like flowers. And now we have the ‘gentle rain from heaven’. In spite of coivid19, this miracle will not be denied. May God bless us all and guide us. Margery.

  10. DEREK Freemantle says:

    This last week I have started planting seeds,herbs which are now bursting up from their little pots,yesterday I started planting peas into Jiffy Pots ,checked the Dahlia tubers I stored last fall they are all firm and healthy,lots of daffy and tulips are up and will soon be in flower.Before long will have to fertilize the lawn and then complain when I have to cut it,when we look around God is every where taking care of us and preparing us for tomorrow

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